Okay.  This bright idea is a quick tip to use when having kids line up.  I get irritated when kids are lined up and someone is trying to enter or leave the classroom, when kids are sticking their heads (and often their bodies) into the hallway, and when there is such a traffic jam at the head of the line that I can’t even get to the front.  And that is where my bright idea comes in.

Line Start Spot Horizontal

I made a square pyramid out of a used box and spray painted it black.  Then, I attached a string to it and hung it from the ceiling.  The key is to hang it far enough away from the doorway that the door can open and close without hitting any kids.  The only rule is that the first person in line has to be standing directly under the square pyramid.

Line Start Spot Vertical

There.  What an easy fix.  It makes it so much nicer for everybody.  Now, I know many can’t hang anything from the ceilings, but I wonder if some painter’s tape, washi tape, or duct tape on the ceiling wouldn’t work just as well.  What are your tips for having students lined up and ready to go?


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