Teaching is not always fun.  I have recently noticed how many people in my school are unhappy and it makes me sad.  When we started teaching, we were excited and enthusiastic.  For many of us, that is no longer the case.  Because of that, I decided to try a little something new today.  I’m calling it Truth AND Dare Tuesday.  If it works out great, I’ll continue it (on Tuesdays, of course!).

Here’s what I want to try:

Every Tuesday I’m going to post a TRUTH question.  Sometimes this question will be teaching related, sometimes not.  I’ll answer the question and I’d truly love to have you answer it as well, in the comments below.  Now, I have the comment widget set to moderate (which is a fancy way of saying that I have to approve them before they are posted to the world).  You would not believe the number of spam comments I get!  So many of them are filthy and nasty, that I feel the need to check on them before they post.

Now the second part of this is a DARE.  I’m thinking of the dare as more of a challenge to do an act of kindness for someone at school within that week.  It is too easy for us to become negative when so much negativity is surrounding us.  Let’s try to spread some sunshine!

Notice that I’m calling it Truth AND Dare.  I don’t want people to choose one.  I want you to do both.  Let’s learn about one another and make ourselves happy by making others happy.  Who’s willing to give it a try?  (Keep reading below the picture for this week’s Truth AND Dare.)


Here’s this week’s TRUTH question:

What is your favorite subject or topic to teach and why? 

My answer: I love teaching math.  Part of the reason I like it so much is because I’m good at it.  I don’t know that I’ve always been good at it, but I distinctly remember having a teacher (or two) who showed faith in my math abilities.  Their confidence in me made me believe that I was good at math.  It is amazing the power we hold as teachers, isn’t it?!  Another reason I like teaching math is that it is generally the easiest of subjects for my students with special needs to grasp.  They may still struggle, but math is not usually as difficult for them to do as reading or writing.

Now remember, post your answer to the truth question in the comments below.  🙂

This week’s DARE:

Leave an anonymous compliment on a coworker’s desk.

If you think they’ll recognize your writing, type it.  It can be as short as a single sentence.  Now, I know it would be easy to leave a compliment on a buddy’s desk, but that’s not the point.  Go out of your way to brighten someone’s day who you probably don’t give much thought to (or someone who just gets under your skin).  Make sure you don’t tell anybody.  It’s important for this to be a completely anonymous act of kindness.  You’re not doing this to get any recognition or glory.  This is your chance to send out a ray of sunlight.  🙂

I’d love for you to come back and let us know, not what you did exactly, but how it made you feel.

I hope your week is full of sunshine and smiles!

Joy of Teaching

4 thoughts on “Truth AND Dare Tuesday”
  1. I love teaching Christmas Around the World in December. The holidays are near, and we are learning about others in our world, considering their festivities, and deciding what other holidays we find interesting. I am excited this year because I have 3 students from 2 other countries, plus another student whose mother is from yet another country.

  2. I love teaching Social Studies! I don’t get a chance to do much of it in second grade, but I love teaching children about different people and different places and different time periods. Hey, I just love people!

    I love the Truth and Dare idea!

  3. I love teaching Math. I have taught 5th grade through HS. Mostly HS which is where my comfort zone is. I have also taught students in treatment centers which I enjoy as well because I know what their routines and evenings look like. I am currently teaching MS 6th grade math and am having difficulties with hormonal changes in my students and their MOODINESS!

    Overall I love teaching and I feel the same as Ms. Joy Hall!! I am so excited and enthusiastic at the beginning of the year and currently my hope has dwindled and I feel frustrated at the lack of student progress, attentiveness, and following expectations that have been in place throughout the entire year thus far.
    <3 N

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