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Okay.  We all have those kiddos who struggle with organization.  The ones who lose their pencil after 5 minutes of being given a new one, the ones that are always the last to transition, the ones whose book bags, desks, lockers, and cubbies are overflowing and in jeopardy of becoming an avalanche.  You know what I’m talking about.  Well, here’s something that just might help.

Introducing the Seat Sack Ultimate OrganizerEducents hooked me up with the Seat Sack company to do a product review and I am thrilled with the potential of this set!!!

Seat Sack Ultimate Organizer

First, let’s talk about what it comes with.  The Ultimate Organizer comes with the Seat Sack, a zippered pencil case, a hanging pocket, AND a hanging book-in-a-bag!  The Seat Sack has two pockets that are sturdy enough to handle textbooks and pretty much anything that a student will throw in there.  All of the items in the organizer have a place for a name tag, which is super helpful.

Seat Sack Organizer Components

I have to tell you I am very impressed with the durability of the materials used to make the Seat Sack and organizer components.  They are very sturdy and should wash well.  The Seat Sacks come in a variety of sizes that will fit most chairs.  The pockets are nice and roomy.  The pencil case and the hanging pocket will keep all of a student’s little items together and out of the way.  I absolutely LOVE the hanging book-in-a-bag!  It is large, sturdy, with a nice see through front.  They are big enough to handle a book, a pack of crayons, materials for a center (now THERE’s an idea!!!), and can be hung for easy access.  In fact, I ran across some hanging storage ideas on Pinterest the other day that might work out great for this.  One of the ideas was to use a magnetic curtain rod and another was to lay a tension rod across two command hooks.  Hmmm…I think I might need to do a little shopping…

I feel that the Seat Sack Ultimate Organizer is best for a self-contained classroom.  My fifth graders switch classes, and while this could still be beneficial (especially for locker organization), it would be much easier if the student stayed in one room.  Because everything is so sturdy, it could easily be used for multiple years.

Seat Sack

Now for what you’ve been waiting for!  The Seat Sack company sent me an extra Ultimate Organizer set to give to one of my followers!  Yay!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, April 2 at midnight!  Good luck!

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15 thoughts on “Organization Help (& a GIVEAWAY!)”
  1. What a great organizational tool! This would be perfect for a classroom that doesn’t switch classes OR for a resource room where kiddos keep their items from day-to-day even when switching. Love this idea!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Seat Sacks are a great way to assist with organization and classroom management whether students stay in the class or switch. We have customers that you the Seat Sacks and our other organizers in both ways. Our customers are very creative and we learn great new ways to organize classrooms every week. Hope you entered and receive the opportunity to try out our products!

  2. Label everything! It’s easier for kids and adults both to know where to put things!

  3. One of the best organizational tips I have ever received was to use clothespins as a way for the children to remember which book box their class library book came from. This made it easier for children to return the book to the correct box by just looking for their name on the clothespin.

  4. I have my grade 7s keep a portfolio. It has 13 sections and it’s all labeled with each class that they have and then some other categories for their Career Explorations class (where they’re supposed to build a portfolio). It has been a go-to spot for most students and they’ve said that they wish that they’d had them before this!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. I would like to mention that there are four products shown here.
    1- Seat Sack Plus- The Seat Sack plus has multi pockets and is available in a variety of sizes.
    2- Pencil+Pouch- A zippered pencil pouch that comes with the Seat Sack plus and easily fits into one of the front pockets.
    3- Read-n-Go= A book bag that allows students to carry books wherever they go. This item encourages students to enjoy taking reading with them! It can also be used as an activity bag to take to restaurants, grandma’s, etc…
    4- Hand-e-Sack Stick & Store- The cute little bag can stick almost anywhere with the dual lock 3M system used to hand the bag to store small items. All of the products can be found on our website at http://www.seatsack.com. Stop by for a visit after you enter to win!

  6. At the beginning of the year, my entire third grade team prints out labels for EVERYTHING! It makes it so much easier for all students, but especially those that are organizationally challenged.

  7. Get a calendar!! I organize by writing all important information on my calendar. Back-to-school time means back to field trips, sports and school programs — and the paper piles and permission slips that come with them…stay on top of things to avoid paper clutter

  8. My favorite organizational tip – lots of clear containers so you can see what’s in it in case the label falls off. I also organize by season in plastic file folder containers.

  9. I number my students and use their number on everything. Then I don’t have to make new things every year and when students move in and out, I simply slide the new student into a vacant number and everything is almost ready. I only have to change every few years when I change my theme. I also use the clear labels to label cubbies and spots for work display. Because they are plastic coated, they come up pretty easily and I don’t spend hours scraping off sticky paper residue.

  10. I’m excited about the possibility of using these next year! I have been a kindergarten teacher for the last six years with a split day…morning kids and afternoon kids…so I have not figured out how to use seat sacks in that type of teaching arrangement. I found out today that I will be teaching 1st next year and am extatic! I get the same kids all day long!!!! I’m looking to change so many of my current organization strategies and this would be the first big change! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  11. Love this for kindergarten…so many possibilities that aren’t even for single student organization! Centers, word work, listening station just to name a few

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