As I sit here planning my lessons for the next week, I am filled with indecision on what books I’d like to use for reading groups.  I teach fifth graders with special needs and the ones in my reading group are reading below 2nd grade.  

I decided to ask you for help.  What books are your favorite to use in the classroom?  Please feel free to share more than one book and also, links to great supporting products.  Thanks for your help!


One thought on “Must Teach Books”
  1. I LOVE to teach the following…”Wonder”, “Flutter”, “No Talking”, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”, The Tiger Rising” and so so so many more! I do have resources for a few of them… and I also LOVE to use Eve Bunting books because they make students think and reflect. I use my “Mentor Text” resources with them… In the past I have read City of Ember, Among the Hidden, Bridge to Terabithia, Tuck Everlasting…and TOO many more to count!

    I could read aloud to my kids all day!

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