All year long I have been trying to get my students to remember the difference between a multiple and a factor.  After racking my brain for an idea, I finally came up with “multiple monsters”.  The project is extremely simple.  I cut up piles of construction paper and told my students to make the multiple monsters.  The only rule I had was that they had to put multiples of two numbers somewhere on their monsters.  The students had a great time and they are actually remembering the difference between a multiple and a factor!  Check out some of the cool multiple monsters they made.monster5monster4monster3

I displayed all the monsters in my room and the students are really excited about them!

Because this went so well I decided to write a story to go along with the multiple monsters.  It is called The Strange Shopping Habits of Multiple Monsters.  Next year I plan on using the story to introduce multiples and the monsters my students create will hold a shopping list just like the monsters in the story.  The story is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store on a cute Power Point.160x200