Let me start by saying that this was NOT my idea!  I give full credit to Teacher Support Force (which I found on Pinterest – YAY, Pinterest!).  It was too great of an idea not to try with my fifth graders.  They LOVED it.  Now, I don’t mean they enjoyed the lesson.  I mean they asked to take it home and finish it.  That’s right.  They ASKED for HOMEWORK!!!


I created a PowerPoint with pictures of Angry Birds (which I am not at all affiliated with…but I do really like to play their games!).  I explained to the kids that one angry bird is capable of destroying multiple pigs at once.  They agreed.  Then I showed them a scenario using images that I borrowed from Google.  I took them step-by-step through a possible scenario where one angry bird took out two different pigs (I made sure the pigs looked different) through the distributive part of the problem.  After a few of those, I showed them a problem with numbers and pointed out which numbers would be the bird and which ones would be the pigs.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a group of kids understand the Distributive Property of Multiplication so fast…EVER!  (I would’ve loved to share my PowerPoint with you, but can’t since I swiped images of Angry Birds from Google and they are copyrighted.)

My classroom is in an awkward place, right in the corner.  It’s actually a section of the library that has been divided by bookshelves.  Anyway, here is our Angry Birds display:

The students did an amazing job with their posters.  Here are a few examples:

I am so impressed with my fifth graders!  They did awesome!

Here are the distributive property posters I made.  I used a font from Kevin and Amanda.  Enjoy!






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  1. I am dying for your PPT!! Is there anyway you can help me make my own without abusing copy right laws??

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