I have my students write in journals several times a week.  I always had a sloppy mess with a stack of journals sitting wherever I could find room.  But, no more!  I came up with a solution that was quick, easy, and FREE!


First I found a nice sized empty box.  This one was slated for the garbage, so I feel nice and fuzzy for recycling it!  🙂




Then, I carefully measured the width of the journals and made marks on all four sides.  I first measured one side and marked on both edges and then flipped the box around to measure from the opposite end.  After connecting the marks and taping up the open end, I used an Xacto knife to cut the box into two pieces.




Next, I glued and taped the two parts together to form a small set of shelves.





Now, you could just stop here.  But I like to be fancy and creative.  Sometimes it just feels good to get messy, right?!  I used Mod Podge and some paper cut in circles (more about my new circle cutter later) to create this masterpiece:



I use the top shelf for their AR (Accelerated Reader) folders and the bottom for their journals.  What fun!

7 thoughts on “Free Journal Organization Solution”
  1. I wonder if you would share how you use the Accelerated Reader folders? We do AR in our school, but I don’t know about the folders. Thanks!

    1. MrsH –
      I give each student their own folder. They have their username and password on the inside, along with their reading “range”. My students know they are to choose books that fall in their range. As they complete quizzes, they can print out the results and add them to the folder. It has made organizing Accelerated Reader so much easier! Thanks for asking!
      Joy 🙂

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