I am so crazy proud of my students!  They have made an enormous amount of progress this year.  After having a bad day yesterday, I needed to see these results.  In Ohio, teachers have to write SLOs (Student Learning Objectives).  We have to administer a pretest at the beginning of the year and a posttest at the very end of the year (or by the middle of April, apparently).  For each one, we have to analyze the data and set target goals for each student.  Last year I did horribly.  It was the first year for SLOs and I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote my target goals.  This year I was a bit more prepared, but still worried that my kids wouldn’t meet their goals.  It is so difficult to write target goals for students with special needs when they will be tested with grade level assessments.

My first SLO was for reading comprehension.  Basically, the highest reading level where the student scored 80% or higher is what I was looking for.  Check out the progress they made (I removed student names)!  Only two kids didn’t make their target!

Slide2As impressive as the comprehension data is, it’s nothing compared to the reading fluency SLO.  For this assessment, the students have to read a grade level passage and are timed for one minute.  I didn’t set very high target goals for this because they are grade level passages with grade level words.  They did an unbelievable job!  My teacher’s heart is just bursting with happiness for them!


You can read more about how I structured my reading program this year by clicking here.  What is your favorite thing about your reading program this year?

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