I recently went to a training on inclusion and raising test scores on high stakes tests.  While I learned some new things, this is by far my favorite.  If you’re like me, you use small dry erase boards when working with small groups of kids.  This is a new (at least it was to me!) way of using dry erase boards that can make a huge impact in the classroom.

Dry Erase Board Cleverness Using a Dry Erase AND Wet Erase Markers

You’ll need scrap paper or index cards, tape, a dry erase board, a dry erase marker and eraser, and a wet erase marker (I use Vis a Vis).  All you do is write your problem on the board with the wet erase marker.  Let it dry completely (doesn’t take but a couple of seconds).  On a scrap piece of paper or index card, copy the problem and add the answer.  Tape this on the back of the dry erase board.  Do this for several different boards, putting a different problem on each.  Now you are all set to do some fast rotations.  Set the timer for a short amount of time (maybe two minutes or so, depending on the time it would take to complete the problem) and have each kid sit at a different board.  Give them a dry erase marker and eraser and let them work the problem.  When the timer goes off, they are allowed to check their answers by flipping the board over.  Because you wrote the problem with a wet erase marker, when they erase their work, the problem will still be there, ready for the next student!  This little gem was my favorite tip I learned that day!  🙂

Let me know how it works for you!

Joy of Teaching