If you are looking for a game to really reinforce reading and writing numerals this is it!  It takes a little time to prepare for the game, but once you make it you can use the materials for years.  I found this in a book called, Mega-Fun Math Games and Puzzles for the Elementary Grades by Michael S. Schiro.

Materials needed:

14 empty egg cartons (the Styrofoam kind with no holes)









Decorative Glass Stones









Place value labels









A Sharpie Marker

Scotch tape


Use the sharpie marker to write the digits 0-9 in the bottom of the egg carton (some digits will be repeated).

Mark the stones with place value through the hundred millions place.  I typed this up (8 font) copied and laminated it.  Then just tape each place to a stone with scotch tape.    Here’s a funny side note about that.  The first year I created this I wrote on the stones with sharpie marker.  My students had rubbed off the words before the end of the first class period!   Ah ha!  I decided to use clear nail polish to seal the sharpie marker onto the stones.  The students still rubbed off the words!  Finally I decided to make labels and glue them on.   After a lot of painful gluing with LOTS of different types of glue my husband says, “Why don’t you just tape them on?”  Wouldn’t you know that ‘s the method that has lasted for years! 🙂

Place the stones in a baggie and store in egg carton and you’re ready to go!









Rules of the Game:

Game is played in four rounds.  It is best to play with two people.

Set up your score sheet (click on sample score sheet)









Each player pulls out a place value marble.  The player with the greatest place value goes first.

Player 1 takes stones out of bag places them in egg carton and shakes, shakes, shakes.

Player 1 records numeral on score sheet and reads the number out loud to partner. Score one point for reading the numeral correctly (no saying the word “and” because we are not using decimals).  Repeat all steps with player 2.  At the end of player 2’s round compare your numerals.  The player with the greatest numeral gets an extra point.

I have been playing this game for years with my students and every year they all love it!  I have to keep at least two games out for them to play when they finish their work.

Thanks for reading!


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