There are times I feel bad for my 5-year-old, Chase.  It must be annoying having a teacher for a mom!  I can’t even list all of the times I’ve gone into “teacher-mode” when talking with him or when planning games for us to play…or when buying gifts.

Last night is a perfect example.  For his last birthday, I persuaded his great-grandma to give him a BINGO game (with the cage and balls).  I then removed all of the balls whose number was greater than 25 and made boards with the numbers from 1 through 25 on them.  He is making great progress identifying numbers up to 25.  We are still working on the “teens”, but this is an easy and fun way to practice.

I love playing BINGO with my students and I prefer to create my own games.  I like for every board to have every possible answer.  That way all of the kids are participating and practicing the selected skill for the duration of the game.  It eliminates down time during play.

I promised everyone a freebie, so I am posting the BINGO game I made for Chase for you to download and play.  You will only need to provide chips or markers of some sort to use for marking the cards.  I only created these in black and white so that they could be printed on colored cardstock and laminated.  I find that is much cheaper and easier than printing with color.

Click on the picture above to download the free game.  I greatly appreciate feedback (especially positive – :P).

I also have a version for sale in my Teacher Pay Teachers store that includes tally marks and number words for even more fun BINGO practice!
Have a great day!

Joy : )

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  1. Thank you so much. I have been looking for something like this to play with my grandson. I can’t wait until he comes tomorrow so we can play!

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